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List of Programs by the ABS-CBN

Pinoy Tambayan The story revolves around the journey of twins Dominador “Ador” de Leon and Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay (both played by Coco Martin) were separated from each other because of financial reasons, Wowowin MARCH 22 2018 FULL EPISODE HD of being police officers.Ador continues to display his intelligence and skills as a policeman and is eventually promoted to Senior Inspector. He becomes a prominent and respected CIDG police official in Manila with a loving family as his support.


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Tomas Tuazon (Albert Martinez), Joaquin’s father, Pinoy Lambiangan is revealed as the head of the drug syndicate Cardo battles. Don Emilio Syquia (Eddie Garcia), Tomas’ father-in-law, gets fed up with Tomas taking control of the drug syndicate for himself and orchestrates events that would pit Cardo against Tomas. Wowowin MARCH 22 2018 FULL EPISODE HD Tomas is ultimately captured by Cardo in a drug sting, and is subsequently convicted.

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Following Tomas’ death, Pinoy1tv Joaquin and General Rogelio Jacob (Rez Cortez) hire a new, even more cruel Bureau of Corrections Director, Guillermo Acosta (Dindo Arroyo). Under their payroll, Acosta makes prison life more difficult for Cardo. Cardo participates in a jailbreak and is determined to clear his name. He continues to pursue the syndicate responsible for his frame up.

No. of episodes: 475 (list of episodes

Don Emilio is captured by Cardo and convicted for the murder of Cardo’s father, SPO4 Pablo B. de Leon (Tonton Gutierrez). Cardo and his prison allies take down Recio’s drug syndicate and after surrendering, Cardo’s innocence is proven after Joaquin is exposed for his crimes. Cardo obtains incriminating evidence including Colonel Roy Carreon’s (Art Acuña) testimony that he previously secretly worked for Joaquin. Joaquin is exposed as Ador’s murderer and drug and human trafficking.

Awards: PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Drama Actor

Cardo kills Joaquin after the latter disrupts his wedding to Alyana (Yassi Pressman), and finally avenges his brother Ador’s death.Although retired from the police force, Cardo decides to become a vigilante as the country deals with the threat of a rebel group, Pulang Araw (lit.?Red Sun) led by Romulo Dumagit alias “Leon” (lit.?Lion) (Lito Lapid).

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However, after being threatened exposure by Leon following the capture of the Mt. Arayat camp and death of his second wife Aurora (Mercedes Cabral), who was fatally shot in the stomach during the operation, Pinoy Channel Hipolito compromises SAF’s operation in Mt. Karagao which results to the death of 46 of the 50 SAF Troopers sent in the operation and the capture of SAF Troopers SPO2 Geraldo dela Paz (Ejay Falcon), SPO2 Bernardo Quinto (Ron Morales) and PO3 Katrina Velasco (Louise delos Reyes). Cardo is shot by Alakdan, but he survives long enough to shed off his SAF uniform and is subsequently rescued and cared for by Leon and his daughter, Lena (Yam Concepcion). Cardo regains consciousnesses and realizes the opportunity he has to infiltrate Pulang Araw and assumes the name of Fernan. Despite suspicions from Pulang Araw’s founder, Domingo Bulaon alias “Lawin” (lit.?Hawk) (Dante Rivero), Cardo wins his trust and is inducted into Pulang Araw with the nom de guerre.

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